AlBaddad is the only company within the group which sells, rents and distributes mobile halls, modular prefab building, car parking shades and canopy, and garden furniture. Our products are used for commercial or industrial events and festivals, or military purposes all equipped with all necessary accessories, air conditioning, lightning, furniture and decorations.


We manufacture high quality prefabricated buildings, with distinctive designs, supported by a competent and experienced maintenance team. AlBaddad set a development plan for prefabricated buildings, using modern techniques to provide the latest technologies in the construction world that has proven its ability to coincide with regular construction.


The aluminium and glass industry has undergone and unprecedented variable mutation in our times. By entering the world of building and construction, along with the increase in demand for these vital products, we launched Al-Baddad aluminum and glass at the same professional level and high quality products as the rest of companies in AlBaddad holding group.


AlBaddad Garden Furniture was founded in 2005, in U.A.E. aiming for quality, comfort and durability standards. Committed to its policy, AlBaddad Garden Furniture became a brand in the market and the idea of continuity remained among our objectives to open new horizons in larger markets. The first of our branches was launched in Dubai then expanded into a series of showrooms in every Emirate of the U.A.E.


Al-Haj Hussein Albaddad

Albaddad family name is known in the field of tents and halls mobile for more than 40 years of success and leadership in this area , since 1971and by the late founder of Haj Hussein Albaddad the first branch of Albaddad Group was launched in the city of Abu Dhabi to be the first face in the region to provide tents and Arabian themed structures to meet the needs of the region , his efforts and vast experience and his remarkable in the development of the tents Albaddad group have become the first in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of providing modern external solutions and temporary buildings and relief units , Albaddad group has become a model for institutions owned by families through management factories and branches spread globally with the latest cutting-edge systems , while maintaining the principles and traditions of the family for the next generations . Notably, the founder of the late Haj Hussein Albaddad was one of the first users and covers advanced structures to build halls, which put an end to the problems of wind and rain and harsh weather conditions that were preventing any celebration in the outdoors

Fares Al Baddad


Modern thinking and innovation have always been and still remains the most important foundation on which AlBaddad Holding has built its economic, investment, commercial and media services. Since its inception in 1971, we have ...

Dr. Fateen Al Baddad

Vice President

Since AlBaddad Holding’s inception, we have taken serious and deliberate steps in aiming to improve our capabilities and developing expertise, in expanding our activities to make us one of the most pioneering companies on local and regional levels ...

Zayed Al Baddad


In an era of rapid economic growth and changes, AlBaddad Holding has always put its customers first. Today, as one of the most prominent groups within our industry, with numerous investments locally, regionally and worldwide, we are ...


  • AlBaddad a leader in manufacturing next-generation mobile halls, supplies their innovative Pyramid tent during The Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference(SOFEX), Amman, Jordan.

    March 18, 2014
  • Al Baddad International is supplying, for the tenth consecutive year, the majority of tents to the pilgrimage of Hajj this year. The company’s headquarters at Techno Park in Dubai will supply close to 160,000 square feet of tents, which comprises more than 80% of the total needed for the annual Islamic gathering of Muslims in Mecca.

    October 17, 2013
  • ADC and the AlBaddad Holding signed an agreement to lease and invest (6 hectare) of King Hussein Int'l Airport land to construct buildings and hangers for aircraft maintenance, with a value of (US$ 40 Million) for the first stage of the project

    October 16, 2012
  • AlBaddad Aviation Company project located in the north of Aqaba, with a total land area (60,000) square meters, at a total cost US$ 56 million. The project participates effectively in carrying out of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan strategies to train national workface

    October 16, 2012


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